Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Life Goes On

Sometimes it is hard to believe that life goes on after birthdays and holidays.
This princess is having a hard time remembering that life isn't all about her.
And this princess below somehow thinks that after Ryann's birthday is her birthday. And it is... but not for another 2 months! She keeps running around saying, "Today is my birthday???"
Good thing she is cute.

Yesterday I brought her to work with me because Rich wasn't able to stay home and watch her. Since she had strep we did the whole 48 hours of antibiotics thing before sending her to preschool today. She is still coughing, but hopefully that subsides soon. At least she hasn't had any fevers and she is finally starting to eat more.

Being at work with my was kind of tough. She got really bored and she was really tired. She saw a few patients with me, watched some movies, played outside where another medical assistant was watching her, took a nap on the doctor's couch, colored and hammed it up. The office loved her but she was super ready to go home by the time I was finished.
And here is Ryann saying "THANK YOU!" to auntie Katie and uncle Cory and cousin Dean for her awesome mermaid bowl. So cool.

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Anonymous said...

Sweet bowl!!!