Sunday, February 19, 2012

Temple Day

Yesterday Rich's little sister Vicki went to the temple. We were so excited and happy for her so we went with her and then afterwards we went with the girls and Vicki and Grandma Mingo out to celebrate.

Ryann celebrated by putting together this awesome puzzle. She made me take a picture of it and promise to put it on the computer. There Ryann- I kept my promise.
We didn't get any pictures together at the temple, so we tried to take some pictures at the restaurant. Rich was the photographer.
Really? Sorry that these are the only pictures to celebrate this memorable day.
We love you auntie Vicki!


Devyn Pickett said...

how fun! what a special day it was for Vicki and for all of you to be there. I LOVE the TEMPLE! and you

Anonymous said...

OH What a wonderful day!!

dsrfsdr said...