Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Do you have a leak?

Well, if so... you are in luck!

This is the cutest plumber's crack I have ever seen!

Since using the BumGenius Diapers Nugs has had a very... well let's say... she has had quite a lot of junk in the trunk.

And now that we switched to panties her pants have a hard time staying up.

It is definitely worth no diapers to have a plumber's crack. I will take it any day!


Erin said...

this. is. awesome!!! haha

{april kennedy} said...

yea for plumbers crack and a whole 'nother year of the same pants fitting!

Mamawags said...

funny how that is so cute when they're little... and so not cute when they're older!!

Nicole and Rob said...

That is adorable! I wish my crack was that cute. :)

Erin Wagner said...

you are sick and i am pretty sure this picture is illegal