Monday, March 2, 2009

Ode to Mother

Recently Nugs has been watching Peter Pan. They have a very touching little part about how we all need mothers and how much they do for us and love us.
So I have been thinking about my mother lately- and since it is her birthday today I thought I would post an Ode to my Mother.
Since I really don't know the definition of "ode" I will just write some good stuff about her.
While she didn't teach me my ABC's (thanks Ashley!), she taught me to get the most education possible.
While she didn't teach me how to shave my legs (OUCH! this was all about stealing my sister's razor and going at it... ), she taught me how to eat right and exercise so I have always been healthy.
While she didn't teach me about periods (thanks tampax box- I am forever scarred thinking about toxic shock syndrome), She taught me about the eternal blessings of a family and children.
While she didn't teach me how to kiss a boy (8th grade took care of that!), she taught me how to choose the right man to marry.
While she didn't teach me how to apply for a job (gotta love taqueria rosita in napa!), She taught me how to work hard and stick to your commitments.
While she didn't teach me how to burp (I think older siblings and girls camp did this), She taught me there is a time and a place for all things-and that you don't always have to act grown up.
While she didn't teach me how to blog (My friend Ashley from BYU introduced this one to me!), She taught me to always comment on other blogs!
While she didn't teach me how to use SKYPE (Thanks Rich), She taught me to anxiously wait everyday so Nugs and I can talk and see her before bed- tickles and kisses included.
While she didn't teach me how to mail a package (Thank you United States Post Office) She taught me that there is always a reason to send a package.
While she didn't teach me how to love (I believe that comes naturally), She has shown me love every single day of my life.

Can you believe it is almost time for another day like this one?

I love you mom!


Erin said...

AAaaaww...sigh..."i love her"
we are so lucky to have such a wonderful mother!
And I see her in you more and more with the way you mother your own baby girl :) SO much love!

{april kennedy} said...

Brittany....that was beautiful and fun...just like your mother! Happy Birthday Cathy!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Brittani, and thank you for being a great daughter and mom!! I love your family and am so anxious to meet CK!! X O