Sunday, March 15, 2009

Positive Reinforcement

So we have been potty training for a couple weeks now. We decided to go the slow and steady route because we don't really feel that Nugs is quite ready to be potty trained. Anyway, she is potty trained at daycare but not so much at home. We were trying to just make it how it is and not really reward her with anything special except for praise. Well, she figured it out quickly that she didn't want to do it that way. She wanted incentive. So... we broke down and are trying positive reinforcement with this little beauty below.
Costco cakes are amazing! Every once in awhile I feel that if I use the potty I should get a treat too... but then I realize I am very pregnant and I pee a lot...which means I would be the size of a whale by the time I delivered if I used this little trick.
So today we had NO accidents, but she still will not poop in the potty. Oh well. It will come eventually. Hopefully. Right?


Erin said...

A whale. Come on, you'd be such a cute whale...
Can I have cake if i go poo poo in the potty too?

ashley said...

I am turning into a whale. I want to eat all the time... do some people feel like this all the time, even when they are not pregnant? That would be horrible... That chocolate cake looks so good right now... yummy.