Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Potty Training

So this is what potty training looks like in our house:

I know you must think I am crazy- heck, I think I am crazy- but we have less than 2 months until CK arrives and financially we are not ready for 2 children in diapers.

If some of you are new to the blog- well, we use cloth diapers on Nugs. We use BumGenius diapers and while the initial investement is quite high (think almost 20$ a diaper) it saves us money and the environment in the long run. So if we get Nugs potty trained before CK arrives then we don't have to buy new diapers! (if you have any questions on why I LOVE Bumgenius- let me know)


So we use our boon potty out in front of the TV so that she can be entertained while we are waiting for her to go "peepee". Yesterday was not so successful, but with the help of Miss Mary at daycare today we have gone "peepee" in the potty 5 times!!

No "poopoo" yet though.


Update: Nugs did sit on the potty one more time- I wasn't there to help her, but she sat down with her princess panties on and peed- then she went poop. So she attempted and then came to me for help. Not so much fun, but I was very proud of her for doing what she could to go in the potty.


Hansen's said...

I am just wondering how those diapers are going to fit on CK's little bum. Your going to have to start her in 6-12 month pants!

Erin said...

oooohhh man. oh man.

Megan said...

Jessica finally went pee and poop in the potty yesterday. I am so excited. She hasn't shown any interest at all in using the potty. Yea!!! Maybe we will be out of diapers soon.