Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunday Fun!

Today Nugs was so pretty and so cute at church. (taken with Rich's I-phone)

But in order to get to church we had to make sure we brought all the right toys.

Which means searching under the bed for that one random toy.


Wait, did I say one? The older man sitting behind us at church counted and told me that Nugs had more than 2 dozen toys to play with... Not quite sure what he meant by that... but I sure didn't worry about it because she was happy and quiet for the entire sacrament meeting.


Anonymous said...

she is the cutest but 2 dozen!! I bet than man was enjoying her!!

Erin said...

You only let her bring 2 dozen??
If that man meant anything negative by that, you should suggest he lets her play with his presumably bald head instead ;)