Thursday, March 5, 2009

Relaxing Day Off

Since I have started taking call this past month I am allowed a couple days out of the office. I haven't really needed the days so I stay around and work and see patients. But I decided it was about time to take a day off and relax.
Did I really think I would be able to relax?
I have about 1 million things to do before this little nugget #2 makes her entrance into the world.

Here is picture #1
I pulled all 15 huggies boxes out of the garage that were filled with all of Nugs old clothes and since I did a bad job of organizing when I stored them, I went through all of them this morning and pulled out all the 0-6 months clothes and have started the process of washing them.
The above picture is the first load- the picture below is what I have left to wash and organize and hang up.

As for the rest of the clothes I organized them nicely so I will be able to quickly locate what I need to when Nugs #2 is ready for them.


And I really have forgotten how small these little newborn clothes are. I deliver babies almost every day and it was still a shock to see how small the clothes are that are supposed to fit Nugs #2 when she comes out.


Erin said...

AAAAWWWW! How precious! I hope she fits into my UCLA onesie at some point too :)

I will help when I visit! Which cant come soon enough at this point...

ashley said...

You weren't able to relax??? You are my sister afterall...

Anonymous said...

Brittani--you didn't throw everything away??? Now what are we going to do when I get there??JK
We can shop for #3!!!