Friday, March 27, 2009

Spring Training Fiasco

So last night we started out with the entire family (minus Cory, Katie, and Jason) by going to a Spring Training Game- Giants vs Cubs. We were super excited and having a blast. It was pretty windy and they actually ended up calling the game early because of the wind. Too bad Rich and I weren't there for that part...Minutes after this above picture was taken with Zach and Rich- we had a little abdominal pain issues arise. We are thinking it is a stomach ulcer- but we are not sure- and the ER doctor is not sure- and basically ER doctors don't really care about solutions- just about making the pain go away.Which is nice- because pain is not fun. After a GI cocktail (numbing meds for the stomach), two doses of morphine, labs, x-rays, phenergan, and demerol, we finally have a sleeping Rich (as shown above). The pain came back after we were discharged home and the medicine wore off- but after 6 more hours of being patient the pain finally subsided.
We are going to a real GI doctor on Tuesday. Hopefully we'll get some answers and solutions soon.
Wouldn't he have looked better in a laborlooks hospital gown?On a better note- Isn't Cousin Ethan cute? Nugs and him have been having a blast playing together!


Mamawags said...

Poor Rich!! We hope that he feels better soon. (and that the doctors figure the problem quickly!) The rest of you look like you are having a great lil' family reunion!! Wish we could be there too!

Nicole and Rob said...

Yikes! Hope Rich starts feeling better. How fun to have your family there. I bet you guys are having a blast.

Anonymous said...

It was a great week but Rich needs to think of a more original way to get out of the cold Arizona wind!!

byuredhead4 said...

hows rich? is everything okay???