Tuesday, September 22, 2009


FYI- Big inside joke here so go ahead and pretend to laugh- but this is really for Rich's Family's benefit...

I am sure you didn't notice last night at the Giants game, but Rich was able to go with a famous/not so famous movie star. Steven Seagal made his appearance by sitting next to Rich with his other brother Phil.Here is a picture of Steven in my living room with Rich and his brother Phil (steven is the middle one- kind of squint your eyes really tight and you can see it)

I am sure glad they all had fun at the game. Maybe next time Steven visits I can get him in a chef's hat and maybe with some sweet action shots.

Thanks for reading and humoring me on this one... I really needed to give a shout out to Rich's side of the family because they are daily followers of the blog and an inside joke is just gonna make their day.

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Victoria said...

Yes!! That was funny and made me laugh...maybe if we tease him enough he will cut his hair...or become a pirate.