Sunday, September 6, 2009

Good Old Family Time

Since Devyn and Jason couldn't come this weekend I made sure to invite my cousin Rob and his girlfriend/fiance Lindsey over. The girlfriend/fiance is a funny story, but not really bloggable at this time. (For you hardcore bloggers- I am sure bloggable is a word!)

Rob is my favorite cousin who lives in Arizona :) Not only is he the manager at California Pizza Kitchen (at tempe marketplace) and he has this neat yellow manager card that magically pays for our food when we go, but he is also hilarious and it is always fun to see him.

He lives out in West Phoenix so it is sort of a long drive for him to come out here, but we were excited they came. Nugs proceeded to show them every single one of her toys and she counted to ten for them and ate a lot of hot sauce and not much dinner. (she did eat a fabulous pink lemonade cupcake made by Natalie though!)This picture was pretty forced by my mother who said that since my Aunt (Rob's mom) looks at the blog every morning I need to get a picture of her son up there. Nug's had just gotten her ponytail taken out so her hair is even crazier looking than normal.

Come visit us again soon Rob and Lindsey!! Have fun at Disneyland next week and happy birthday Lindsey.

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Cathy said...

ok i bet that was fun- that pony tail holder somes out pretty quick sometimes huh??