Sunday, September 27, 2009

Gotta Love Her

Nugs didn't take a nap last wednesday. Instead she thought it would be fun to climb from her bed, onto her dresser, and then onto the little entertainment center in her room that has her fish tank on it. Once she was to this point she decided to take the entire LARGE bottle of fish food and proceed to feed the fish.
Guess what? It was not a good idea. She quickly realized this as she tried to clean it up and got herself all wet and fish food was stuck all over her. Once she figured out she was going to be in trouble she ran to her door and started pounding on it (she doesn't get out of her room when we put her in there) and she was saying, "Sorry, Sorry, Sorry" over and over again.
I immediately knew she had did something wrong and she took my hand and led me to the fish tank. I tried to rescue all of the fish but one (his name was rex) didn't make it. Rich and I have both cleaned the tank on separate occasions since then but it still stinks and looks gross.
I think tomorrow I am off to buy one of those sucker fishes and some new filters. Maybe some febreze too.


natalie said...

RIP Rex. You will be missed! If that happened to me, much yelling and cursing under the breath would ensue.

Devyn Pickett said...

oh yucky. but how cute she knew she did something very wrong poor little nuggy and britt and rich for having to clean it up i cant wait to see you

Erin said...

what a little poop nugget. and she's sooo cute when she says sorry..

The Damron Doc said...

Love it! That is such a Carter move! Don't you wonder what goes through their little minds! So Funny!