Monday, September 7, 2009

Halloween Already

I know it is september... but seriously... there is candycorn and halloween candy and costumes all over the place. We went swimming today and it was 100 degrees. I can't start thinking about halloween already!

All I know is this year I will not put my baby is a sweaty hot chicken costume. Sorry Nugs for doing this to you for your first halloween. You were pretty dang cute though!
We tried for over 20 minutes to get a decent picture of these girls together. By the end of the picture session they were so done.

If the weather was cooler I don't think I would be complaining about Halloween decorations. It is just way too hot to think about the fall. By the way... I really want it to be fall!


Cathy said...

that is the cutest little chicken nugget ive ever seen!

Deters said...

I really DON'T want it to be fall! Our summer here has been so cruddy. Just these last few weeks we had decent weather but it's already getting cooler and all misty and foggy in the morning. It already smells like fall. I'm so sad our summer only lasted three weeks.

natalie* said...

Diddo! I am loathing summer right now.