Saturday, September 19, 2009

Swim time

Today we went swimming and it was a little chilly! Well, it was 94 degrees when we went and the nights have been getting down to the 70s, so it took a little while for Nugs to get used to the pool. So she spent a lot of time sitting on the edge playing with her random toys.Really, all this girl needs is random things and she is happy for days.
She was a daddy's girl today (she switches on and off between the two of us) and that was a little trying for Rich since she threw some major temper tantrums. We have been trying to give her choices but she always refuses both choices... hmmmm... smart and stubborn cookie on our hands here.
This is where I spend some of my time when we are swimming. Under the shaded area with CK. This girl is so pale that even with SPF55 we are afraid to keep her out in the sun.


RichSmells said...

you should be afraid for Rich too!! He is whiter than CK!!

Cathy said...