Friday, May 25, 2012

Busy Day Cara Kay: Ants, music, and dance.

As I walked in the door at 5:30 this morning from a birth I was startled to see Ryann and Cara jumping up and down on the stairs. They were loud and obnoxious for my tired ears and I imagined Rich was pretty annoyed as well.  I finally calmed them down and I figured out they were so worked up because our downstairs floor was covered in ANTS!

Rich was able to spray them and clean them all up, but while he was doing this Cara decided that she would bring down her little laptop and "play music" for them so that they would follow her and die.

Did someone teach this girl the story of the pied piper? Isn't that sort of what he did??
My Cara is pretty creative. I caught this little goodness on video tonight. 

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