Saturday, May 19, 2012

Impromptu Play Day

As we were driving out of our neighborhood to do our saturday errands, I saw a little bit of activity going on by our local Ace Hardware. Much to Rich's annoyance, I told him to turn around so we could take the girls to it.
 We met cowboy JJ and his fancy beard. He made balloon animals and hats and princess wands for us. 
 We then took a sneak peak with the fire truck. By the time Rich got up there he had already popped like 3 of their balloon things. The balloon giraffe was the most traumatic of all. 
 Cara looks kind of freaked out in the above picture, but she was really having fun.
See how cute she is in the picture below?  She was loving that fire helmet. 
 They also got their faces painted. 
 I was really surprised Ryann choose a rainbow instead of a unicorn.  Biggest shock of my day I think.
Oh no, the biggest shock was when Rich locked the keys inside the car. Thankfully a good friend was driving past and took me home where I could get our spare key and then she dropped me back off to rescue my family.

Then we were off to finish our errands.  What a fun little impromptu play day. I love my little community.

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