Friday, May 11, 2012


Most mornings when I go running or hiking I come home and Ryann's little head pops up from the front room and she says, "hi mommy!" She is always dressed in something she picked out herself.

Ryann loves to wear dresses. She wears dresses and leggings as much as possible, they are usually play dresses though, some have been wore almost ragged but she doesn't want to give them up. Her most recent "dress" purchase was at a garage sale and it is really a tshirt for a 8 year old, but Ryann pairs it with leggings and she calls it good.

Ryann's favorite chore is cleaning the stairs. She gets her little dust brush and dust pan and sweeps the top step, then sweeps the next one and sweeps all the dirt and dust down to the bottom step and cleans it up. She does a fabulous job.  (thanks daddy for teaching her how to do this!)

Ryann now knows how to get on the computer, find printable coloring pages and print them out. She colors them and when she is finished she searches the house for tape and tapes the pictures to her wall.  Currently we are out of tape. Looking for a gift for Ryann? TAPE!

 Ryann doesn't like to look people in the eye. She hardly ever looks at the camera and she also has selective hearing.  No joke, this girl can just ignore you like you were never even there. It makes me a little nervous for kindergarten and if she will listen to her teacher. 

She loves to color with sharpies, but knows that she really isn't supposed to. After she finishes her picture she always brings it to me and says, "here mommy, I found this."  As if I didn't know what she did with it.

Ryann is very independent but very very different than Cara. Cara listens and is loud and in charge. Ryann is quiet and sneaky and loves to do her own thing. She is perfectly happy sitting in her room all by herself playing.  Of course she likes playing with us,  but she is very capable of entertaining herself as well.

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