Friday, May 4, 2012

Ninja Blender

My wonderful mother in law gave this Ninja Blender for Rich and I for our anniversary, mother's day, and father's day. It was an awesome surprise for us... well mostly for me because I don't think Rich knows that you can make anything except chocolate milk shakes in blenders. 

But chocolate milkshakes are delicious.
We didn't have a blender for a long time because we used to have a red kitchenaid blender and then Ryann dropped the glass jar part on the floor and it shattered.  Leaving us blenderless. 

Not a big deal until I started making green spinach smoothies every day. 

This fabulous smoothie has some strawberries, spinach, herbs, yogurt, apple juice and who else knows what. We had a really big watermelon recently so I am sure there is some of that in there.  The smoothie I had this morning had some fresh cut mango as well. Deilcious.

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