Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I don't think I capture Cara's personality very well on the blog. I just say that she is a "redhead" but that doesn't put it all in perspective the way I think it should. These are examples just from today!!!

 Today I found blue splotches on the kitchen floor. At first I thought they were smurf footprints, but then I realized that Cara decided to eat a blue gogurt all by herself.  Miss Independent... I think so.

She also pours herself cereal every morning for breakfast. Pops usually, but today it was frosted flakes. She often takes about 3 bites and then off she goes to watch a movie.
 After the first bite of dinner she ALWAYS has to go to the bathroom. She also ALWAYS has to go to the bathroom right after we close the door to have her go to bed.

Today at Miss Mary's house she hit Ryann in the eye twice. Then to top it off, after time out she came and hit her in the leg.
A few minutes ago, when she was supposed to be sleeping she found a duck beenie baby and decided it wanted to go swimming... in the toilet.

Ryann knocks on the door at least once after bedtime to let me know that Cara is "playing with the curtains" or "hitting the wall with her toothbrush" or "getting out of bed' or she "has a flashlight"
The only way I could get her to eat dinner tonight was to pretend she was a puppy named "pepper" and teach her dog obedience school.

Everytime she gets stickers she puts them first on herself and then on the floor or the wall. No matter how many times I tell her no or take them away or reprimand her, they always end up on the kitchen floor or the wall.
Cara is fully capable of going to the bathroom by herself, when it is convenient... like after bedtime.  But this morning she comes out of the bathroom saying, "I went peepee" with her panties around her ankles. I ask her what she is doing and if she wiped and she said, "No, I need mommy to wipe my bum, I am too little."


Erin and Zach said...

BAHAHHAAHA. She is so great. I wish I got to hang out with her more often - sounds like we'd have fun. Except that Aunties don't wipe bums.

RoseRunner said...

Love these....she's a charactoer