Thursday, May 10, 2012

Welcome Home Uncle Zach

I am so excited and pleased to announce that my little brother Zach has faithfully returned home from his mission in Texas.  

Okay, so you all already knew that because basically it is pretty much family who reads this blog. But anyway, I am so happy for him and I wish that I could have been there to show my love and support for him.

For the past 2 years my little family has been through a lot, but when I look back at what Zach has done then it really is nothing. He put his schooling on hold to leave his family and friends and dating behind. He left so that he could help teach people about Jesus Christ and how to find happiness in your life. He left to better himself, become closer to his Father in Heaven and to bless his family. And that he did. 

My sister Erin wrote about it earlier today, but I will have to agree, Zach holds a special place in each family member's heart. He is the baby of 6.  I know that he was my best friend my senior year of high school. I would get out of school, drive home, get my razr scooter and put the extra one in my backpack, and then I would scoot my way down to his elementary school to pick him up.  Some days it was picking him up in my car, other days it was on the tandem bicycle, but  he was always smiling when I picked him up.

Most nights when I was in high school (maybe just senior year?) I would go into Zach's room and tell him a story. It was usually around 9:00 and I would climb into bed with him and we would just lie there and talk until we both fell asleep. This usually didn't take long and then I would stumble out of bed at maybe midnight and find my way back to my own bed. 

Junior year of high school I didn't have a class after early morning seminary. So I would get up and go to seminary at 5:55am and then when I got home at 6:45 or so I would run into Zach's room, jump in his bed and "steal his warmth". I would cuddle him and wake him up until I was warm from being in my freezing cold car each morning. 

Zach is one of the people who taught me that my family is what is most important in my life. Obviously my parents were a big part in this, but when I realized that I would soon be leaving for college and I would be missing Zach I held on to him tight. He had such a sweet spirit and love for me that I knew I would do anything for him and I would do anything to help make sure that he got what was best in life.  Fortunately I haven't had to do much at all since he is such a stinking smarty pants, but I hope he knows that I will always be there for him. 
My little family has prayed for uncle Zach, every day for the past 2 years of his mission. That means 1 prayer in the morning, 1 prayer at dinner time, and 1 prayer at bedtime. That is 2190 prayers. I just don't know what we will fill our prayer time with since he is home now. 

Now when are you going to come visit us???

Maybe you should read the past two years on the blog to catch up?  Haha. Have fun with that. That is a lot.

Oh yeah- what ever happened to the bacon package I sent you on your mission? Did you like it? Did the Elders ever get it to you?

Oh- and I forgot to mention how spoiled Zach was by all of us. Since he is our special Zach he got a package almost every week in his mission.  Wowza.

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