Saturday, May 12, 2012

Watermelon Face

We have a really good friend who calls Cara "Face." Becase cara in Spanish means "face."

I laugh every time he does it, because Cara really has no idea what is going on. But when she does realize what he is doing, she says, "NO! I'm Cara"
 Speaking of "I'm Cara", I heard that Addie and Cara got in a huge fight in the car because Addie kept saying, "I'm Cara," and that made Cara really mad.
 I also heard the girls fighting, "My mom told me yes." "My mom told me no." over and over again. Man it is cute, but those girls can really get on your nerves with all their fighting. 
Back to my little watermelon Cara. I love her and her cute little watermelon face. 


Anonymous said...

I love her too!

Kim said...

hahaha oh precious little watermelon Face.