Sunday, April 3, 2011

Cinnamon Roll Conference Sunday

I do believe I will make this a semi-annual tradition. Homemade cinnamon rolls.

My tummy hurts just sitting here thinking about how much delicious buttery cinnamon goodness that I ate this morning.

This is why it will only be twice a year.
That and it takes a lot of time. Like 4 hours.
I was able to make 2 dozen and I dropped off 3 pans to other friends and family and we kept the last one for ourselves.
As you can see Ryann was very happy about it.
As was I.

My recipe was found on a google search since Ryann was sleeping in my room next to my cookbooks when I started making them.

I used Rich's new iPad 2 to show me the recipe.
For that reason alone it is the best invention ever.

Oh yeah- conference was pretty awesome this morning too.


Cathy said...

those look awesome-- I made cinnamon rolls also!! Yours look way better!!

Kelly said...

We have this same tradition, and it's a good one! Your cinnamon rolls looks so clean and nice...mine always look like a mess. They still taste good when they're messy, thank goodness! I love all of the icing that you put on them too...yum!!

Erin and Zach said...

Hey did you and mom talk!? She made some too! They were delicious!! She's being modest up there..

PHX_Family said...

Those look amazing!!!! Bring us a pan??

RoseRunner said...

If it's homemade, it's healthy. That's my motto. I think I would be tempted to eat the raw rolled-up dough...looks soo good...

what is the other event that you make these for that adds up to twice a year?