Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt

The girls have an Easter Egg hunt every year with Miss Mary and their daycare. We play at the park, eat some food, and then turn them loose for an egg hunt with more eggs than you can hold in a basket.

Cara was pretty good at finding the eggs. Granted, they were sitting out in plain site.

Ryann wouldn't look at me for a second- she was too intent on finding those eggs.
For awhile she would pick up an egg, shake it, and throw it back on the ground if there wasn't anything in it. Well, none of the eggs had treats- but you had to trade them in at the end of the hunt for treats.
Auntie Devyn was gracious enough to hold the extra eggs and baskets that Ryann couldn't hold anymore.Here is a picture of Cara and her crush, Logan. I guess she follows him around all day at daycare. She kept yelling "Logan, Logan, look at me!" He has twin sisters who are younger than him so I don't think Cara tagging along really bothers him at all. Logan is 5.

Here was the group of egg hunters. The 4 big girls in the back row aren't at daycare anymore- they are the graduates :) There are a couple kids I missed getting in the picture too.


RoseRunner said...

Go Ryann! She's too cool for eggs that don't have goodies in it, and no one can tell her otherwise. hehe

Erin and Zach said...

Auntie Devyn is so useful...