Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Hike

Yesterday we were able to hike up South Mountain. This is a hike I do almost every morning, but Rich has never done the entire hike! We went with a big group of people from our church and it was fun to have Devyn and Uncle Rob come and join us
Ryann almost made it to the top, she found one of her friends to hike with. They were really cute together.
Cara would have made it to the top but I didn't go all the way up with her on my back because we were pretty slow.
Rich tried to get some good action shots to prove that we actually hiked.
Cara was pretty tired by the end of the hiking. She easily woke up as soon as we told her about the pancakes and bacon we were about to eat.

Happy Easter Everyone!
Happy Birthday Aunt Barbara. We love you and your son has been so good to my family! Thanks for raising him right because we sure love having him close to us in Arizona.
We hope you have a great birthday and I am sure we will call you later tonight to sing to you.


Cathy said...

Oh someone is soooo tired!!

Erin and Zach said...

how fun!! i wish i could've hiked with cara kay on my back!!