Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Writing Lines

Ryann was bad at daycare yesterday. She kicked one of her friends. Yup. Kicked him.

Now I know what you are all thinking:

Mom: I don't believe it, my daughter never kicked anyone, how could my granddaughter... oh wait, maybe Brittani did kick when she was a little girl.

Erin: Oh my little nugget. I bet it was a cute kick. I am sure that boy deserved it.

Devyn: Go RYRY! You kick that little boy if he is mean to you.

Ashley: What? Well at least she didn't kick her teacher.

Vicki: Oh RyRy...

Grandma Mingo: (Just laughing)

Aunt Judy: Hopefully she grows out of that before she reaches my class.

And I am sure no one else is really reading the blog- :)

Anyway, as punishment Ryann wasn't allowed to watch any TV and she had to write her name over and over and over again. She started out doing pretty well.
Then she realized the bigger she wrote- the less times she had to write her name.
And then finally I told her she could help me make dinner if she wrote her name on each line and she finally finished writing her lines.


Anna said...

We had a similar day at house yesterday. UGH. Well on a good note Ryann is really good at writing her name!!

Erin and Zach said...

i bet it was a cute kick!! ;

Cathy said...

When you told me I was laughing and about to tell you about the time Ashley bit Jennifer Bostwick on her tummy and I thought I had better not!!! Ha Ha Ha--- She is getting good at her name!

Ron, Ashley, Ethan and Addison said...

What? I never bit anyone in the tummy... and at least it wasn't the teacher!! Miss you RyRy.

Kelly said...

Well behaved women rarely make history!

RoseRunner said...

Caitlin: I don't know much about kids...aren't they supposed to kick each other?

She's so cute doing her little version of detention.

(I also love that your blog background keeps up with the holidays!)