Thursday, November 18, 2010

Happy 29+2 Years!

Don't think this is late... I have been writing this post for a couple days now. I have also been searching for a good picture of Ashley- then I realized all the pictures I take when I am with Ashley are of Cara and Addie. So I decided against posting preggo pictures of us.I FOUND A GREAT ONE!

Happy Birthday (yesterday) to my sister Ashley.

We are so different but look some much the same.

Ashley is the one who can't stand a dirty/messy house. She used to pay me in makeup, jeans, or nordstroms shopping sprees to have me clean her house....... I think that ruined me. Maybe I don't clean my house very often because I am not getting a reward everytime I clean it. (A thought for another day)

I am slightly more laid back than Ashley... her intensity leads her to be incredible. Because of this she has acheived many things in her young 29+2 years. She is a charge nurse in labor and delivery. She is an excellent special care nursery nurse. She is a wonderful teacher. Her kids are well behaved. She never misses a birthday, anniversary, or special event. She tries to make sure everyone is involved and happy (whether they like it or not!).

I also love that Ashley wants what is best for her family. She may not know this, but I am jealous of her. Last time I talked to her she was still nursing her 16 month old and she was asking me how to wean her. I wish I still had that special bond and closeness with my Cara. (by the way- the world heath organization is recommending breastfeeding up to the age of 2!! So stop any weird thoughts. I personally recommend to breastfeed as long as the mother and baby want to after 1 year) It also shows how Ashley wants what is best for her family by how hard she works. She works night shifts so that she can be there to pick up her son from school. She even got him into the elementary school where all of us kids went! (Go WEST PARK EAGLES!)

Yes, Ashley and I are different, but we compliment each other so well. She always knows the right day to remind me to move back to Napa. She takes drastic measures to come visit me in Arizona (or get me to Napa) when it has been more than a couple months that we haven't seen each other. She is also one of the people I blog for. I blog so that my family never feels like they are missing a day without watching their little girls grow up.

I have watched Ashley grow to be the amazing woman and mother that she is today and I am so proud of her. I love that when I come to town we can just sit on the floor while our girls play (when I say play I really mean fight) and talk for hours. Then we both will take our girls and put them down for naps. I put mine in the crib and shut the door and she takes hers and snuggles her and whispers to her and rocks her until she falls asleep. Or sometimes she lets her skip naps! Like I said, so different, but equally wonderful in different ways.

I love that we swap stories and ideas. I love that I get phone calls after a rough shift at work. I love that if she is really busy I won't hear from her for a couple weeks and when we talk again we still know everything that is going on. I love that we discuss "honey-do" lists. I love that everyday I know she is doing her best to be a wonderful mother, wife, sister, daughter, and friend.

Thank you Ashley for being such a good example for me. I love you and I am so thankful that you are a wonderful Auntie for my sweet little girls.

And thanks for making me an Auntie too!


Goldenbear said...

I still remember the first time I saw Ashley - she was eight and sitting in church, and I thought she was the prettiest little girl I had ever seen - glasses and all. When I see photos of her now, I still see that little eight-year-old girl inside. I love you, Ashley, and I admire all the things you have accomplished so well. Britti, I love you too and remember you with your blonde braids and your nose almost always in a book. You Wagner girls were my little girls for a while, and I cherish the memories! Happy Birthday, Ash. - Debbie

Ron, Ashley, Ethan and Addison said...

Thanks for the sweet post Britt and comments Debbie - can't wait to see my sister and nieces over Christmas (and Rich too)!