Saturday, November 27, 2010

Black Friday Disneyland

Our black friday was wonderful- hardly any lines and no huge crowds. We started off with a bang- Straight out of the shoot down to Peter Pan. Then the carousel, dumbo, and its a small world. After that we went to toon town.

Did you know it is difficult to remember to take pictures when you have two kids??

Especially when one is riding on your back all day in the Ergo carrier. She actually fell asleep during the entire Jungle Cruise and lunch. (what a blessing!)

Here is Paca and Cara. Cara doesn't like many people besides her mommy... but it is fun when she does go to other people.

Some other rides we went on were pirates (of course!), Indian Jones, Buzz Lightyear, and we saw the Christmas Parade. Ryann and Cara wouldn't stop dancing for the parade. It was so much fun.

Here is our best attempt at a family picture. How do you convince an almost 4 year old that pictures are fun??
Daddy and Ryann went on the Train. This is- hands down- Ryann's favorite ride because of the Dinosaurs towards the end. So strange. Rich said she kept talking to all the little kids that sat down and was telling them about the dinosaurs.
Cara did occasionally get off of my back and into the stroller (or to run around with grandpa), and this was usually the only time I had free to pull out the camera.

My mom took about 100 more pictures on her phone- so I will get her to email me those so I can post them as well.

Thanks mom and dad for the wonderful trip! We had so much fun. We did miss all the other cousins though. Next time... right?

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Cathy said...

Oh Britt we had so much fun--thanks for making the trip to be with us and all the cousins!! We sure love your sweet little family!