Sunday, November 28, 2010

Wedding Day

Yesterday morning we were able to spend the morning with extended family. My cousin Keith got married to the beautiful "princess" Kelsey. I would like to think that my girls were perfect angels and everything went well, but they did make me miss wedding cake.

if you know me at all... I hate missing wedding cake!!

Here is Cara Kay, James, and Jenna Kay with Lindsay.
It does sound like they were pretty good for the cousins who were watching them while we were in the temple. At least they got a couple cute pictures.

I love this last picture for so many reasons. One because we all look ridiculous, two because it shows the craziness we go to as parents to keep our children entertained, three we are only holding the girls because I was a bad mom and didn't have them in warm clothes, and four because James and Bruce in the background are pretty awesome.

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