Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Morning Breakfast

I thought it would be extra special to let the girls eat breakfast together in front of the TV.
(yeah right! I let them do it almost every day!)

However, we needed daddy to intervene. Cara was bugging Ryann. She is totally the pesky little sister when she wants to be.

So to intervene he made a nice lazy divider and they weren't allowed to cross to the other side.
That quickly diverted their attention to playing with daddy's foot. Kind of gross if you ask me- breakfast, pick toe, breakfast, smell feet, breakfast, tickle feet... yeah, it is gross.
But they were having fun and they ate their breakfast.

Good thinking daddy.

p.s. Cara's blood count doesn't show any real problems. Some inflammatory markers were elevated, saying it might be viral, but we are still waiting on the blood culture and the chest x-ray. Her fever left for about 2 days but she had another one this morning.

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Erin and Zach said...

that bottom photo is to die for. look at cara's little smile? And ryry is getting SO grown up...

I'll see you in a month! YAAY