Thursday, January 6, 2011

2 Brunettes

For the first time in probably FOREVER... There are 2 brunettes within the Wagner girls.
Don't be shocked, I am sure it won't last for long.
Maybe we can convince them all to go brown!
I highly doubt that.


Heather said...

wait, are any of you naturally dark? i always think of you all as blondes...

{april kennedy} said...

makes me want to go dark again, but then the grey will come and i will scream 'give that blond back to cover it!'

you look darling brunette.

Kreg and Anna said...

I think you are beautiful as a brunette! and wouldnt that be fun to see all the Wagner ladies dark. I just love those animal print coats, I saw them at costco and couldnt justify getting one for CC, Im sure glad Ryann and Cara can sport them!