Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Go and Do

You know that primary song, "I will go, I will do..."
You do? Good. You don't? Well, it has some crazy hand motions and basically it is about listening to what needs to be done and then going out and doing it. When there is something that needs to be done- a way will be provided to get it done.

I want to be a "go and do"er. I want to be that person who recognizes when someone needs help, and then help them. I want to be that person who can be an answer to prayers.

I had a couple "go and do"ers in my life yesterday.

Yesterday was a tough day. Potty training, babysitting last minute for 2 different families at 2 different parts of the day (which I was THRILLED to do- they are such sweet kids), added on top of Rich working long hours, money stressors, Ryann on the verge of getting sick, tired girls, and a trip to the duck pond.

Oh yeah, and a messy house.... due to potty training.... you can't leave the baby in panties and wander off... this is when said little one takes a leak on the carpet.

Anyway, it was a full day, and by the end I was spent. I felt bad for my quick meet up at the duck pond. Thankfully I met an amazing friend there who knows me well enough to not take it personal that I had to "duck" out (hehehe) quickly after arriving. I left for fear of tantrums, kids falling in the pond, a kid getting hooked with a fishing hook, or someone running out into the street.

Guess what? She was the "go and do" person that I needed. I know that for some reason she thought of me, not knowing why, but she thought of me and was prompted to see if we could spend some time together. Guess what else? I ignored it. I didn't take advantage of it. I was too stressed and not thinking clearly, and not realizing that my pleads throughout the day for help were about to be answered.

To put it nicely, I didn't have it all together.

I did say quite a few quick prayers through out the day. So I should have taken a deep breath and placed my burdens with the Lord. That is what I am doing now. I have had a lot of prayers answered lately. I have been truly blessed. I am especially blessed to have friends who go and do.

Since I ignored the first answer to my rough day, I was blessed with another. A couple hours later a friend came by and brought dinner to my house. Then I understood. She was there for me. The kids ran around the backyard as I ate and was finally able to relax and recognize the blessings of friends. About an hour after she left we met up again for cupcakes and hot chocolate. Wow. I feel good now. I feel like I can take on the world. I feel blessed.

So please, please be that person. Be a "go and do" person. If you see someone who needs help, help them. If you feel prompted to do anything good, for any reason, do it. You can be an answer to someone's prayer without even knowing it.

This is my plan. I am going to try. I won't be perfect, but I am going to put myself out there more and hope that I can help someone else. I want to pay it forward. And please, don't be afraid to ask, because if you ask me, it will make it a whole lot easier for me to go and do.


Erin and Zach said...

i love you :) and I am so thankful you have good friends out there.

Cathy said...

Oh Brittani--you are so good. I want to be like you when i grow up, honestly. Watch I am going to try and make it happen!!