Friday, January 14, 2011


Ryann has a new favorite book.
Courtesy of one of my most fabulous friends from my hometown.
We read it at least once a day. Usually more.
If I am unavailable to read it to her, well, she knows it by heart so she just reads it to herself.
Throughout the day I hear, "PINK, PINK, PINK!"

She also will read it to her new bear.
Last weekend we had 2 birthday parties and the second party was a "build a bear" party. Ryann and I made this cute bear and she LOVES it. Cara also made a bear with daddy, it was small and perfect for her size.
The second birthday party also had reptiles. Snakes, lizards, geckos, a hamster/guinea pig (what is the difference???), frogs, spiders, and more. Ryann thought it was great.

If you click the link to Austin's animal encounters you will get a little info about the party... the website is a work in progress he told me :)

Yes, I know a guinea pig/hamster is not a reptile- but it was at the party, so whatever.


Cathy said...

So cute!! We are planning our trip to come have her read Pinkalicious to us!!

Kreg and Anna said...

We love pinkalicious at our house too! That and fancy nancy of course!

Mamawags said...

You better get Purplicious too!!