Sunday, January 16, 2011

An Elephant Never Forgets

My cute little Ryann found this mask at Grandma Mingo's house last night. She thought it was great.

Cara, not so much.
At what age will kids wear masks?

Next question- why do kids remember the strangest things?

Ryann can only remember the day of the week "Wednesday", so how can she remember the exactly place she left her black horse one week ago?

She can't remember her numbers but she can memories the book "pinkalicious" in an afternoon?

She doesn't remember why some shows have commercials and why some don't, but she can remember exactly what toy we accidently brought home with us from Grandma's house last year!?

She can't remember that Santa got her the new bike, but she can remember that I promised her a treat if she slept in her bed without getting out for 7 nights in a row??

Have a great night.


Cathy said...

Ha! Is her Mom's name Brittani?? SHe is too cute in her little pink and brown outfit!! XOXOXO!!

Erin and Zach said...

it's called selective memory ;)