Friday, January 21, 2011

Full Force

We are in full force of potty training. We just completed week 1.

I have had a lot of people ask why we are potty training Cara so young (20 1/2 months) and I will not take a picture of the reason why, but in a short and very graphic version- here it is:

Immediately after pooping, she digs down deep with her hands and throws her poop all around the room. Doesn't matter if it is 3 seconds after she pooped or 3 minutes. So if she poops during a nap- biggest mess of your life. If she poops in the living room, right in front of you, she is already digging in when I smell it.

Sorry to be so graphic, but at least I warned you.

After a week she has only pooped in her diaper once. Never pooped in panties or on the floor. I think she just HATES poop on her bum? She hates it on her hands too, but I am thinking she just wanted to get rid of it and that was the only way how since she hasn't learned how to take off a diaper yet.

Okay, so she is always pooping on the potty. She has also learned how to "hold it" so she goes potty less frequently but in more amounts. However, she still is only giving me about 3 seconds warning before peeing. So I am still making her sit on the potty every 30 minutes to an hour.
This picture was taken after the park- hence her pull up. We still do pull ups when we go out, because remember that 3 second warning? Not enough to get to a bathroom when we are out of the house. She actually isn't mad about using the potty, she was mad that I was taking a picture of her and not helping her get down.

I am being patient, taking the slow route. Ryann took at least 3-4 weeks before we could leave the house without a diaper- so I am prepping myself for about the same amount of time.
We still haven't put this guy away, but we haven't had to use "little green" for almost 3 days.

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