Thursday, January 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Hubs

Today is a day to celebrate. Not only did Rich turn 33... but we found out some AMAZING news!!

Like, seriously, AMAZING.

My brother Zach will be so proud when he finds out.

Rich shares a birthday with Rainn Wilson.

I know everyone of you is jumping up and down, this truly is amazing news.

And for the 0.01% 99% of the population who isn't as addicted to the office as Rich and I are, this is DWIGHT SCHRUTE.

A couple more things Rich and Rainn have in common- Their names start with the letter R. They both played the clarinet in grade school. Rainn was the lead role in the mo
vie The Rocker, and we own that movie. He also played the voice of Gallaxhar from Monsters Vs Aliens and we own that movie too.
Some things that Rich and Dwight Schrute have in common:
Dwight is Assistant to the regional manger, Rich is a manager
Both are excellent ping pong players
Both love Smallville the TV show
Dwight is a purple belt in Karate, Rich is a white belt in Karate
Dwight wears glasses, Rich has and sometimes wears his glasses

I can't believe all the connections.

So Happy Birthday to Rich and Rainn

I love you Rich! Hope you have had a great day


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Cathy said...

Yes there are sweet comparisons!!

Kate said...

hahah I love it!!

Heather said...

LOVE this. and I LOVE wikipedia for exactly this reason! :-)