Friday, January 7, 2011

Golfing? Really?

Over the break Rich convinced the other 2 worst golfers in the world to go golfing with him. When I say OTHER I mean that Rich is pretty *awesome* as well.

Okay, I am sure they aren't the worst. I bet if they played a lot more and practiced and took private lessons for a year then they could be marginal.
I say this in jest- but take a look at these videos Rich took.
They played 9 holes. 3 against 1. It was versus my grandpa (who is an EXCELLENT golfer by the way).
They then played "best ball" so whoever hit best for that hole out of the 3 guys would take that score and record it.

In the end, my grandpa still beat them by at least 5 strokes.
Way to go Grandpa Wagner!

So my favorite story of the whole day was the "missing golf ball." Jason was trying to tee off and he hit the ball. No one saw where it went. They looked high and low. Maybe it had gone in the water? Hit a tree? Off the green? Where could it be?
He hit it in such a way that it sunk into the ground. Like the ball and the tee went straight down as if he had hit them with a hammer.
Now that is some amazing skills.


Erin and Zach said...

hahahahahaha! Go grandpa!
hmm Jason...WOW. really, WOW

Mamawags said...

Grandpa has amazing skills!! Grandchildren beware :)

Cathy said...

Thanks Britti and Rich!! Awesome videos!!