Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pump It Up

This weekend the girls had 2 fun birthday parties to go to! The first was at Pump It Up

They had a blast, and I actually had a lot of fun too.
I thought 9am for a birthday party was too early, but when the party was over at 11:15 I realized it was perfect because then we laid them right down for naps and no one had a melt down!
Well, Ryann had a mini-melt down when we tried to take a group picture, but hand sanitizer quickly made her think it was pretty cool.
Cara only went down this slide once or twice, but Ryann was all about it. She loved to go by herself, with me, or even with a friend.


*natalie said...

How fun! We went to a party there once and I took Kennedy down that same slide. We went so fast that we flew over the barrier at the bottom, taking out the birthday girl. So embarrassing!

Marshall Lynch said...

very nice activity for kids,it's so fun.
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