Saturday, January 15, 2011

Happy Hiking

To let Daddy have some precious, uninterrupted sleep... the girls and I went out and got donuts.
Then, to work off the donuts, we went hiking.

Cara fell and skinned her knees like 8 times. Good thing she had her PJ's on.
This happened every time she tried to run too fast.
She is the reasons I try to not run fast. I like 10 minute miles. No falling when you run 10 minute miles. Or 12 minute miles for that matter
(I ran 12 minute miles when I was pregnant with Cara).
Run is word that has many meanings. In this case, it means a jog that is really no faster than a walk.
Hiking. I imagined these shadow pictures to be a lot cuter than they actually were. The above one- you can see that Cara is carrying "guy guy" her little bear blanket.
The one below would have been ADORABLE if 1. it was on flat ground so the shadows didn't get distorted and 2. if I had a good camera and 3. if I knew how to take pictures.

The girls stood behind this sign below and jumped out and yelled, "Happy Hiking!" to everyone who passed by. Like 3 people.
Then when we finally headed down the mountain (hill) they said "good morning" and "happy hiking" to everyone we saw.

Quite entertaining.

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Erin and Zach said...

hehehe. I wish I were hiking that morning! Do you know how happy it would make me if two adorable little girls said anything to me on a walk outside?! Well, they'd probably be frozen, and that would be sad...

Guess I have to come to AZ!